Gema deflectors

331341 16mm deflector

331333 24mm deflector
331325 32mm deflector

331822 50mm deflector

Completely work well with original Gema powder coating gun and nozzles

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    Completely compatible with original powder coating gun and equipment

Deflectors for Gema powder coating gun

gema deflector

Application: automatic and manual nozzles, flat parts in low speed coating line.

Diameter: 16mm; 24mm; 32mm; 50mm

It is used with round spray nozzle and electrode holder.

Good wearing assistance!

Bagnle Machinery supplies following parts:

Spare parts for Gema powder coating guns and equipment are available.

Optiselect GM02, GM03, GM04;

Optigun GA02, GA03


Good wearing resistance and long lifetime

gema gm02 cable

gema gm03 gun cable

gema pg gun cable

gema gm04 gun cable

Gema optiflex PRO B

Gema optiflex PRO F

Gema optiflex 2 B

Gema optiflex 2 F

Bangle Machinery manufactures and supplies non-original replacements and original parts and equipment for Gema, Wagner and Nordson powder coating guns and machines.


Non original parts: they are interchangeable products that completely work well with original powder gun and equipment.

Benefits: powder coating cost will be reduced without lower the powder coating performance. Best option of cost-effective alternative.


Original type: imported from original manufacturers.


For more questions, please contact!

Mobile/whatsapp: 0086 18159256561

Contact: Mr. Matt

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1007780 IG06 powder pump

Part no.: 1007780

Used in Gema brand of powder coating equipment, powder coating machine

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