Manual gun OptiSelect Pro GM04

Manual gun OptiSelect Pro GM04

Application: Gema brand of powder coating machine and powder coating line.

Series: Optiselect PRO series of powder coating machine.

Compatible with original gema manual powder coating machine and parts

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    1018700 1016971 1016972 1018701
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    Paypal, T/T, Western Union
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    3-5 days by UPS DHL TNT FEDEX
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    Strong carton for international express
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    New replacement
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    Completely compatible with original powder coating gun and equipment

New manual gun OptiSelect Pro GM04

Application: optiflex Pro powder coating machine

Usage: Gema brand of powder coating gun and machine.

Type: Manual powder coating gun

gema GM04 manual gun

Name Manual gun OptiSelect Pro GM04 1018700
Type manual powder coating gun   
Brand Gema
Model GM04

GM04 manual powder coating gun spare parts

What is the quality of the products you will have?

They are aftermarket replacement with extraordinary performance and durability, they work very well with original guns, machines and parts.

How we will pack and deliver your goods?

Strong carton will be used to pack your goods in good condition for international transportation. UPS, FEDEX, TNT, DHL will be used to deliver your order as the soonest date.

Why you should trust in Bangle powder coating guns and parts?

Bangle Machinery understands your needs in cheap and cheerful powder coating guns, spare parts and equipment. Bangle consistently deliver products with high performance but not high cost.

With the usage of high quality of material and precise dimensions, all of the aftermarket replacements are made to completely compatible with equipment of original brands.

Bangle Machinery stocks the parts and equipment as models for your need:

Gema: Optiflex 2 PG1 PG2 OptiFlow OptiGun EasySelect Optiselect Pro Optiflex Pro, Optistar and etc.

Wagner: EPG Sprint-X PEM-X1 X1 C4 C3 C2 and etc.

Nordson: Encore EasyCoat and etc.

Bangle also supply color and logo customization as requests.

Bangle Machinery will be your best choice for one stop shop of powder coating gun, powder coating machine, powder coating equipment and spare parts.

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