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High quality and cost saving of spare parts for powder coating gun and machine.
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Quanzhou Bangle Machinery Co., Ltd.
For couple of years, Quanzhou Bangle Machinery Co., Ltd has been committed to manufacturing and supplying powder coating equipment and spare parts. Bangle supplies a wide range of powder coating equipment from the powder coating machines, power coating guns, spray booths, curing ovens, automatic powder coating applicators to the complete powder coating lines and spare parts for the worldwide OEM equipment. With experienced workers, professional engineers, dedicated administrators, advanced processing equipment and 5000㎡ manufacturing space, Bangle is capable of offering the powder coating equipment and spare parts of high quality, best cost and fast delivery. Bangle owns the complete production line from moulds designing and development, CNC processing, injecting and assembling, we can supply the services of products designing, customizing and installation for powder coating equipment, spare parts and powder coating lines. The complete series of powder coating equipment and spare parts that Bangle Supplies are widely applied to the following industries: automotive, pharmaceutical, appliances, construction, consumer product industry. Bangle provides aftermarket spare parts and equipment for many leading brands of powder coating equipment like Gema, Wagner and Nordson in the powder coating industry. These include a wide range of aftermarket spares that are fully compatible and of equal quality to their OEM equivalents, but which are competitively priced. Aftermarket spares include: venturi, insert sleeves, nozzles, cables, wear sleeves, powder pumps, adaptors, cartridge filters, electrodes, hose connectors, hose and tubing, O-rings, deflectors and etc. We can also supply original equipment manufacturers spares and refurbished equipment and can service your plants and equipment. Bangle Mechanics’ mission is to be the leader in powder coating equipment and spare parts industry by delivering quality, flexibility, speed and expertise at competitive prices while leading the way in sustainability.
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The complete series of powder coating equipment and spare parts that Bangle Supplies are widely applied to thefollowing industies:automotive.pharmaceutical, appliances, construction,consumer product industry.
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Surface treatment powder coating industrial
Gema optiflex Pro F
29 /Dec 2021
Gema optiflex Pro F
OptiFlex® Pro F Spray The OptiFlex® Pro F Spray manual unit with OptiSpray AP01 application pump is the right solution for coatings that require a stable powder output or high film builds. With a powder output of up to 600 g/min (2 pump version) and an extremely high coating efficiency best application results are achieved at any time. The integrated AP01 application pump with its unique single chamber system and the OptiSelect® Pro gun with the PowerBoost® technology guarantee the user powder savings, stable coating results and maximum area performance. Optiselect PRO GM04 manual powder coating gun Optiflow IG07 powder injector Optiflex PRO powder coating machine Above article is for reference only. The mentioned brands belong to their respected owner.
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  • 20 /Feb 2023
    Gema Presents the XT12 and YT05 Axes
    Gema is pleased to present the XT12 horizontal axis for extra long strokes and the YT05 synchronizing axis for higher speeds. Gema has recently presented two new axes to facilitate coating operations. The horizontal axis XT12 automatically positions a ZA vertical reciprocator towards the object, adapting to the width of the piece. It plays a crucial role in achieving precise coating results and it is also used for the automatic external cleaning of the guns during the colour change. The YT05 heavy duty horizontal axis is specially designed for demanding automatic powder coatings, such as enamel cavity, wheel and enclosure coating. YT05 satisfies the highest requirements of dynamics and stability, making it the optimal solution for users who require precise synchronised movement of the axis for tracking the product with the conveyor, obtaining the maximum exposure time of the powder guns to the product.
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  • 16 /Nov 2022
    Sieving solutions for every quality needs
    Sieving solutions for every quality needs From easy vibratory sieves to high quality rotary and ultrasonic sieves, Gema has the right solution for any quality expectations. Good sieving improves your coating results A good sieving solution helps to eliminate contamination from the recovery circuit and prepares powder for the feed to the guns. PS Vibratory sieving Vibratory sieve unit designed for an easy integration into any system. Good performance, easy maintenance and suitable for color change. Rotary sieve with dust discharge High quality sieving unit with automatic dust discharge. Ideal for single color organic powder and enamel powder lines. Ultrasonic sieve High frequency sieving unit designed for an easy integration into any system. Great quality, high powder throughput, easy color change capability. Ultrasonic sieve in OptiCenter The great sieving performance of an ultrasonic sieve combined with the flexibility and quick color change of an OptiCenter.
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  • 05 /Sep 2022
    Gema Has Presented the Multi-Gun Axis UA05-x
    The new powder coating technology developed by Gema allows the automatic coating of tricky areas. Gema, an international manufacturer of powder coating technologies and equipment, has recently presented the multi-gun axis UA05-x. The new solution developed by the company has been specifically designed for applications where top or underside coating with multiple guns are required. The multi-gun axis UA05-x employs a single positioning axis for the horizontal alignment of up to three automatic guns during the coating of complex components and XXL parts. In combination with the vertical Z-axis, it then unfolds its full strength to solve complex challenges allowing new application solutions such as fixed gun positioning, horizontal oscillation across the work piece and applications where vertical gun positioning or top and/or bottom product tracking are required. UA05 is available in two different versions: UA05-2 with two automatic guns and UA05-3 with the automatic guns. The compact design allows the guns to be arranged in a single row in a grid dimension of only 87 mm, ensuring the automatic coating of tricky areas and offering a flexible approach for top-, underside- and deep contour coating. In addition, the new Gema technology is also expandable with angled nozzles and extensions to further increase the application range. UA05-2 and UA05-3 The solution is available in two versions, UA05-2 with 2 automatic guns and UA05-3 with 3 automatic guns for horizontal reciprocating movement under or above the part. Space-saving, compact design The compact design allows the guns to be arranged in a single row in a grid dimension of only 87 mm. Nozzles and extensions The solution is expandable with angled nozzles and extensions to further increase the application range. Under guns, over guns and depth contour guns The solution allows the automatic coating of tricky areas and offers a flexible approach for top-, underside- and deep contour coating. Latest drive technology The latest drive technology with servo motors and toothed belt transmission pinpoint the feed motion of the automatic guns to the optimum application position. MagicControl 4.0: The pioneering interface for Smart Factory Automation The system control ensures intelligent networking for all application components providing greater efficiency and manageability to the process. All of the brand and company name mentioned above are for reference only, they belong to their respectful owner.
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