Optiselect PRO GM04 manual powder coating gun
09 Dec 2021

The first choice for efficient manual coating

The OptiSelect Pro gun is characterised by a very robust and durable design. The ergonomic gun lies balanced in the hand, has a good grip and enables you to coat efficiently and faster.

optiselect PRO GM04

PowerClean for fastest color changes

PowerClean™ efficiently cleans the entire powder path from the injector to the gun tip. This improves performance when processing difficult powders and facilitates color change.

gema GM04

Best guns for color change

The optimized design, the smooth material and the innovative nozzles make Gema guns the best for color change.

Gema optiselect PRO GM04

PowerClean: Easy color change, ideal for metallic

With PowerClean the operator can activate a quick purge cycle directly from the gun and eliminate all powder accumulations.

Gema optiselect PRO GM04

Gema optiselect PRO GM04

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